"Credit Rating" agency confirmed a long-term credit rating of "CREDIT EUROPE BANK" PJSC at uaA and deposit rating at ‘5’

Today, an independent rating agency "Credit Rating" has announced about confirmation a long-term credit rating on the level uaA with stable estimates to PJSC "CREDIT EUROPE BANK". The agency has also confirmed bank’s deposit rating of PJSC "CREDIT EUROPE BANK" at ‘5’ (the highest strength). In the course of the rating procedure "Credit-Rating" considered bank’s financial statements for 2007-2010 and for І–ІІІ quarters of 2011and other inside information.

An obligor or a debt liability with uaA credit rating is characterized with the highly strong creditworthiness in compare with other Ukrainian obligors or debt liabilities. This level of creditworthiness is affected by adverse changes in commercial, financial and economic conditions. Stable outlook indicates that there are no anticipated reasons to change the rating in the course of the year.

The bank deposit rating of ‘5’ indicates that the bank is highly strong. Bank is reliable, minimally sensitive to impact of adverse commercial, financial and economic factors. The probability of problems with the timely return of the deposits is very low.