“In Western Union we understand that you are sending much more than money”

This is why we offer the following advantages:


For over 135 years Western Union has been offering money transfer services to its clients.
Each money transfer has a unique Money Transfer Control Number. This guarantees that your money will be paid only to designated receiver.


Money can be paid in minutes after transaction was sent*.
Western Union uses newest technologies and unique computer network in order to pay your money in any of over 200 countries and territories allover the world.


Sender and receiver can visit any of 334,000 ** locations to send or receive money transfer.

Western Union money transfers are available at over 15,500 locations in Ukraine.

*Including agent operating hours, difference between in time zones and other restrictions. See more details on “To send” form.
** In some countries, to send service is not available, clients can only receive money.

To send money transfer:

  • Complete “To send money” form
  • Present the operator the form and cash and sign the receipt. Show the operator your valid government issued photo identification document.
  • Operator will input information on money transfer into computer system.
  • Your receipt will have the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
  • Call your receive and tell him sent amount and Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

How to receive money transfer:

  • Complete “To receive money” form. Indicate origin country of money transfer, sender’s first and last name, expected amount.
  • Present the completed form and valid government issued photo identification document.
  • The operator will give you your cash and receipt.