Credit Europe Bank Ukraine concentrates on Corporate and SME Banking


Credit Europe Bank has decided to concentrate its activities in Ukraine on corporate and SME banking. The bank will better focus on his corporate customers and already has secured a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to help SME business that cannot find resources amid the ongoing global crisis. At the same time, the bank has decided to change its retail banking strategy and to suspend its retail loan activities in Ukraine. Hence, all branches of Credit Europe Bank, except the branch at 8 Lva Tolstogo Str., will be closed as of 27.01.2012

Customers holding deposits can withdraw thereof till 27.01.12 in cash desks of the respective branch and after 27.01.12 – in cash desk of the branch at 8 Lva Tolstogo Str., Kyiv city, phone 044 390 67 29

Customers holding loans at Kyiv branches can reimburse the outstanding loan at the branch at 8 Lva Tolstogo Str., phone 044 390 67 29 or at the partner bank*.

Customers holding loans at regional offices can reimburse the outstanding loan at the partner bank*.

In the event of partial loan repayment you will need to fill in one of the following applications:
Partial Early Repayment Application
Full Early Repayment Application

Application should be faxed to 044 499 40 33 or e-mailed to, or delivered to Kyiv city, 8 Lva Tolstogo Str.

No commission will be charged by the partner bank!! For further information please call 0 800 304 05 0

*Partner bank stands for PJSC “Pravex Bank”