Retail Banking

Today JSC “CREDIT EUROPE BANK” has such offers for you as current account opening, term deposit placement, settlement and cash services, investment accounts for non-residents, accepting utility and other payments, making transfers from current accounts, currency exchange. Take advantage of our products!

JOINT STOCK COMPANY "CREDIT EUROPA BANK" (hereinafter referred to as the Bank) informs about the lack of consumer credit services for individuals and does not involve collection companies and individuals in the performance of collection activities.

The Bank does not have offer agreements and other standard agreements on the provision of banking services between the bank and individuals, the requirements for the conclusion of which are regulated by Art. Art. 641-646 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and para. 4 h. 4 st. 179 of the Commercial Code of Ukraine.

The Bank also reports the absence of commercial agents that would provide banking services to individuals.

Currently Bank does not have any promotional or other similar offers or additional and related services.


Notice for clients who have fulfilled financial obligations to Bank performance of which is secured by mortgage of real property. 


NOTIFICATION of the debtors of the Bank about submission of information about them to the Credit Register of the National Bank of Ukraine.


Order and procedure of protection of the personal data.

Currently Bank does not have any promotional or other similar offers or concomitant services

Credit Europe Time Deposits

We realize that stability and confidence are especially important for you today. As we care for your savings, we offer you the Deposit program. The aim for our Deposit program is the gradual increase and preservation of your money. With our interest rates you could let yourself to feel confident and easy because your money will work for your financial independence. Our Deposit program will support you for the positive present and confident tomorrow. Main advantages of the CREDIT EUROPE BANK Deposit program are reliability and stable profit. So make your choice in favor of your savings.