Credit Europe Bank NV

About the Group

Credit Europe Bank N.V. (CEB NV, the Bank) was founded in 1994 and has grown towards a top 10 position among Dutch banks. CEB NV’s businesses currently employ over 6,000 professionals in 11 countries, serving more than three million customers worldwide. As a solid financial services group with full Dutch Central Bank supervision, CEB NV offers tailor-made corporate banking services and easy-to-use and efficiently delivered retail products for the benefit of its clients.

Under corporate banking, CEB NV focuses on selected markets in international structured trade and commodity finance, building on its expertise in metals, energy and petrochemicals, fertilizers and soft commodities. This has led to a steady growth in transaction volumes, even during the difficult year of 2008. CEB NV continued to be the partner of choice for its clients in those markets. We achieved this by putting our clients first and by offering tailor-made products that meet their needs.

In the field of direct retail banking, we aim to further build upon our successful model in the Eurozone, offering standard, simple-to-use and competitive products to our clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Malta. We operate efficiently, with centralized, cross-border operations and contact centers. This low-cost structure means we can be competitive, which has led to our solid growth over the last few years.

Outside the Eurozone, our goal is to further consolidate our position in selected markets, such as Dubai, Russia, Ukraine and Switzerland. Although short-term growth prospects may be limited in some of these areas, we are confident that our growth and value-creation prospects are positive.

In all areas of the Bank, we invest in the professionalism and expertise of our employees. In order to sustain our long-term growth ambitions, we actively encourage and foster a sound risk-management culture, as well as a high level of compliance and transparent corporate governance. We believe that this strategy safeguards the interests of all stakeholders.

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