SME Banking

Do you want to increase the value of your investments?
Do you need financial support to develop and expand your business?

The most important mission of Small & Medium Enterprises Division of our bank is the timely financial support of your business with progressive banking technologies, based on our international banking experience.

In wide range of banking services and credit products, which are proposed to you by SME Division, you will find optimum solutions to satisfy your financial needs. While developing and executing our banking services, we first of all think about you and your financial needs.

NOTIFICATION of the debtors of the Bank about submission of information about them to the Credit Register of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Time Deposit

We realize that stability and confidence are especially important for you today. As we care for your savings, we offer you the Deposit program. The aim for our Deposit program is the gradual increase and preservation of your money. With our interest rates you could let yourself to feel confident and easy because your money will work for your financial independence. Our Deposit program will support you for the positive present and confident tomorrow. Main advantages of the CREDIT EUROPE BANK Deposit program are reliability and stable profit. So make your choice in favor of your savings.