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Dear customers, read the information campaign of the National Bank to combat payment fraud.


"Swindler Goodbye"

One of the popular tools used by fraudsters is phishing sites.

Phishing site - a fraudulent site designed to obtain attackers of confidential information, personal data for further use for personal gain. The most common are phishing sites, which are used to obtain credentials (logins and passwords) to payment services in order to seize the victim's money. Similarly, the purpose of the attackers may be the data of the victim's bank card, the purpose itself, the seizure of the victim's money.

Signs of a phishing site:

∙ The site has a dangerous connection, the address bar starts with "http: //" and not with "https: //". Although some official bank websites have a dangerous connection, however this should be alarming, it is a sign of a phishing site.

∙ The bank's website is not at the national level *.ua

∙ Content flaws, such as differences in the domain name in the address bar and in the text or banner, may also indicate that this is a fraudulent site.

∙ The address bar displays the same address for all pages of the site, there is a high probability that the user has logged in to the phishing resource.

∙ When entering card details, the data is not masked, legitimate sites always mask the introduction of card details (for example, asterisks), or use a virtual keyboard.

If you find a phishing site, you must notify the bank immediately.

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