Client Banking System


Just focus on your business, we take care of your financing!

Would you like to take advantage of placing financial instructions from your office? We bring this convenience to your fingertips! We developed the “Client Banking System” for you to execute banking instructions in your remote environment. What we do is to receive your instructions via modem and put it into progress immediately.

Our "Client-Banking System” allow you to do the following:

  • settlements through accounts with the bank;
  • account statements and instruction preparation for foreign currency transactions;
  • on-line access to the necessary financial information;
  • on-line management of your accounts held within the bank.


If you are interested please contact us!

Our experts will be happy to make a vis-?-vis presentation and address your questions in detail.

Remember: All you have to do is to focus on your business; we take care of your financing!

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