The Bank

Our History at a Glance

The sole shareholder of JSC "Credit Europe Bank" is the Dutch registered financial institution: Credit Europe Bank N.V. Such entity is ultimately controlled by Fiba Holding AS - one of Turkey's largest financial conglomerates.
The Credit Europe Group NV provides various financial services including corporate, private and retail banking in 11 countries in Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. In addition, it invests heavily on retail chains and real estate development.

The name change to CREDIT EUROPE BANK is due to the fact that Credit Europe Group NV  has sold the controlling interest
of Finansbank (Turkey) to the National Bank of Greece (NBG). As a result, the latter has received all the rights for using
the brand name FINANSBANK. Accordingly, all international banking institutions under FIBA International Holding have been renamed to CREDIT EUROPE BANK and FIH has been renamed as CEG.

JSC "CREDIT EUROPE BANK" received its banking license in Ukraine on December 28, 2006, and officially began to operate under the new name on June 6, 2007. The general shareholders’ meeting on January 4, 2007 decided to increase the paid-in capital of the Bank to 329,088,311UAH or about €50MM.