Baker's dozen heroes. BANK RELIABILITY RATING

In the bank reliability rating 2010 the highest score of reliability received 13 banks. And a lot of financial institutions have shown the potential of improving the reliability.

The fact that the banking system experienced a time of crisis is clearly visible in the reliability rating of commercial banks. And what is more, a lot of financial institutions have just started the process of debt restructuring. And if they didn’t show losses in 2009-2010, it doesn’t mean that they will not show them in 2011 ...

This year editors of "Expert" are much stricter than before, approached a question of consideration such indicators as loss ratio, the ratio of loans and deposits, formation of reserves on active operations. As a result, Group A - banks with maximum reliability - has redused to 13 banks, although in 2008 it was 23, and in 2009 - 21.

Name of Bank
Performance rating (scores)
Rating (2010)
Rating (2009)
The final integral index
Evaluation of external support
Scope of work
Intermediate integral index
Credit Europe Bank

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