False e-mails of Credit Europe Bank are in circulation

Recently in Ukraine and abroad increased the number of cases as fraud offering to sell goods on Internet markets using settlement services and guarantees of the group of companies "CREDIT EUROPE BANK N. V." Thus, we call attention of customers and those who intend to carry out transactions as to selling goods and services through Internet, the Bank does not provide the exchange of goods, intermediary steps, does not provide guarantees, does not support, serve or otherwise does not contribute to operations concerning payments online.

Credit Europe Bank advises you the following precautions and actions in case of being a victim or witness of a similar fraudulent activity:

  1. Be suspicious about any version of these e-mails, including reminder e-mails threatening with legal action if the goods are not sent. Be particularly alert if goods have to be sent to other countries, especially outside the European Union;
  2. Read the security tips and explanations provided by the related websites (internet markets, e-commerce);
  3. Inform these websites (internet markets, e-commerce) that the fraudulent buyer is misusing their website. They may investigate the fraud and ban the fraudster as user;
  4. Inform related Police Department if you have become a victim of a fraud.